CIRF in IPHD Objective

Part A- Institutional Activities

  • Awareness towards intellectual property Rights through seminar /Conference/Workshop/Symposium and Innovation March.
  • Institutional project research from government Institutions/Research organisations in India/Abroad.
  • Inter-University Collaboration for research in the field of Intellectual property.
  • Motivation for the commercialisation of Industrial intellectual property & Community Intellectual property in Bihar.
  • Facilitation Centre for registration and commercialisation related activities.
  • Consultancy facility from expert.
  • Publication of ‘Research Journal in IP’ and ‘Inter-disciplinary journal’ and ‘Books’
  • Organising Professional development program and Certificate courses.
  • Setting up Student IPR Club.
  • Dispute Resolution through Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation.
  • Industry –University collaboration, (MSME, Starup-Standup)
  • Collaboration with Universities, NIPER, and RESEARCH CENTRES.

Part B-Collaborative Activities

  • IPand Sports industry
  • IP and Tourism
  • Global Trade in IP and Human rights
  • IP and entrepreneurship.
  • IP, Corporate and Competition.
  • IP and Information security.
  • IP, Humanities and Human Development
  • Community IP, Benefit Sharing and Economic development