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Child Right Centre

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About CRC

Please visit our website  for more information about Child Right Centre, CNLU, Patna


The Child Rights Centre (CRC) of the Chanakya National Law University seeks to collaborate with UNICEF in facilitating, galvanizing and collaborating for a sustained dialogue, interaction sensitization of Legislators on child rights issues.

The Child Rights Centre is proposed to be a specialized research centre of the Chanakya National Law University, Patna to be run in assistance with the UNICEF. The Centre’s mission is to engage with child rights from multidisciplinary perspective and to provide integrated technical support to different layers of institutional governance in local, state and national level for the protection of child rights through Knowledge Management, Human Resource Development and System Strengthening. To this end, the Centre seeks to facilitate research support and logistical back-up to the statutory processes concerning protection of children and provide complementary support to different stakeholders involved in the child rights paradigm. In addition, it seeks to aid institutionalization of best practices through research, collaborations, training, review, policy suggestions, field research, improving thereby, and access to justice for children and promoting research, advanced learning and advocacy and community action to strengthen child rights laws, policies and practices in Bihar and India.

The objective of the Child Rights Centre is to engage with Child Rights from multidisciplinary perspective, and among other things, to lobby with state and civil society to enable realization of child rights provided for under progressive laws in India and to contribute to policy, law and practice that will enable compliance with the constitution, CRC, SDGs and other normative frameworks.

Our Team



  • 06/03/2019

    Bihar Legislators’ Conclave on Rights & Well-being of Children : Bihar Legislators’ Conclave on Rights & Well-being of Children was being organized at Hotel Chanakya on 6th March, 2019. The programme was jointly organized by CRC, CNLU Patna & UNICEF. Shri Vijay Kumar Choudhury, Speaker Bihar Vidhan Sabha inaugurated the conclave by lamp lighting ceremony in presence of, Smt. Mridula Mishra, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor,CNLU and former Justice of Patna High Court, Shri Asadur Rahman, Chief, UNICEF Bihar, Sri B.N.Pandey, Secretary Bihar Legislative Assembly, Sri Shyam Rajak, Chairperson SC & ST Welfare Committee, Ms. Nipurnh Gupta, Communication Specialist, UNICEF, Ms. Sneha, Centre Coordinator CRC, Smt. Sugandha, Faculty Coordinator, CRC, CNLU, Mr. Chandan Kumar, Programme Coordinator, CRC, and Core members of Child Rights Center Dr. Fr. Peter Ladis F, Smt. Susmita Singh, Dr. V.K.Vimal, Pooja Srivastava, Vijayant Sinha were also present on this occasion.It started with the welcome speech and felicitations of the Guests by Ms. Sneha, Centre Coordinator of Child Rights Centre, and CNLU Patna. Then the objective of the conclave was addressed by Ms. Nipurnh Gupta, Communication Specialist , UNICEF where she mentioned that how this conclave will provides a forum for action on child related issues.

    Programme was divided into three sessions Inaugural and Technical session I and II, where in Inaugural session Technical Session I included an Overview on Children in Bihar and Child Rights which was given by Ms. Sugandha, Faculty Coordinator, CRC. Short skits on child rights were being presented by the students of CNLU. Technical Session was facilitated by Prof Pushpendra Kumar, Chair Professor,TISS who moderated the session with the legislators namely Sri ShyamRajak, Chairperson SC & ST Welfare Committee. MLA from the Arah Constituency Sri Prabhunath Prasad, MLA from Sonbarsha Constituency Sri Ratneshwar , MLA from Kutumbha Constituency Sri Rakesh gave their inputs and suggestions.

    Towards the end of the session Ms. Nandita Jha gave the outline and terms of reference for proposed internship programme with the legislators in Bihar.

  • 24/01/2019

    DIGNITY MARCH TO END SEXUAL VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN : Dignity March is a platform for the survivors to tell their stories in their own voice, to represent their own narratives. It is a call to end the culture of shame and fear, to encourage others to speak up, and demand zero tolerance for sexual violence in our society. It is to hold society and the state accountable toward punitive action against the perpetrator, through effective implementation of legal guidelines, and ensuring rehabilitation facilities for survivors.On 24th January, the stop of this march was Chanakya National Law University of Patna. The event was organized by ‘Rastriya Garima Abhiyan’ in collaboration with ‘Child Rights Centre, CNLU’ and Human Liberty Network.

    The event was ornamented with the presence of Hon’ble Justice Smt. Mridula Mishra (Rtd, Patna High Court) Vice Chancellor, CNLU and Sri M.P. Srivastava, (Retd. District Judge) Registrar, CNLU. The most remarkable presence was of Mrs. Bhanwari Devi, who is a gang rape survivor and her complaint in that case laid the foundations of Vishakha guidelines to deal with sexual harassment at workplace. The event was also graced with the presence of Mr. Asif Shaikh, convenor of the dignity march and Mr. P.K. Sharma, State convenor of the Human Liberty Network. The event provided a stage to the survivors of sexual assault to share their experiences, problems and fight for justice. Hon’ble Justice Mridula Mishra became emotional after hearing the stories of the survivors and said that the CNLU campus was looking like a small India. Registrar Sri M.P. Srivastava put out the irony of the Indian society. He said, on one hand we worship goddesses and on the other, in the same society, women are subjected to sexual violence and ill treatment.

  • 09/01/2019

    Dissemination workshop on Global Report 2017 : Ending Violence in Childhood Know violence in Childhood’, an independent global learning initiative has done an extremely detailed research in the issue of childhood violence, the outcome of which is the ‘Ending Violence in Childhood: Global Report 2017’. The report delved into different aspects of childhood violence and brought out very enriching information. According to the report, there is no safe place for children; they face violence at home, at schools and at public places in wider communi-ties.Different forms of violence such as corporal punishment, bullying, physical fights, physical and sexual violence against adolescent girls and child homicide are perpetrated against children. Most common out of these are corporal punishment, which usually happens at home within in-ter-familial relations, because violence is seen as a way to discipline the child.

    The report brings out various similar aspects relating to the issue and thus is really important and helpful in our struggle for the cause of enforcement of child rights. A Dissemination Workshop for the Report ‘Ending Violence in Childhood: Global Report 2017, was organized by Child Rights Centre, CRC at CNLU on 9th January, 2019. The event was chaired by Hon’ble Justice Smt. Mridula Mishra (Rtd, Patna High Court) Vice Chancellor, CNLU. The event was also graced with the presence of Hon’ble Mr. Justice Abhijit Sinha (Chairman, Bihar State Law Commission ), Sri Sunil Dutt Mishra (Member Secretary, Bihar State Legal Services Authority), Shri Manoranjan Prasad Srivastava (Retd. District Judge), Registrar, CNLU. Various other distinguished guests from ‘Know Violence in Childhood’, and UNICEF were present. Dr. Manisha Priyam, Policy Advisory body of MHRD, Govt. of India, was also present for the workshop.

    The Workshop was introduced and conducted by Ms. Sneha, Coordinator of Child Rights Centre, CNLU. She talked about how childhood violence can hamper the growth of a child and in many cases can leave them devastated.

  • 24/11/2018

    Inauguration of Child Rights Centre by Hon’ble Speaker of Bihar Vidhan Sabha Vijay Kumar Chowdhary on the World Children’s Day Proposed to be a specialized research centre to assist the different stakeholders in protection and development of child rights, Child Rights Centre (CRC) was inaugurated on 20th November, 2018 by Shri Vijay Kumar Chaudhary, speaker of Bihar Legislative Assembly. The event was graced with the presence of Hon’ble Justice Smt. Mridula Mishra (Rtd, Patna High Court) Vice Chancellor, CNLU, Shri Manoranjan Prasad Srivastava (Rtd. District Judge), Registrar, CNLU, and many dignitaries from UNICEF.At the occasion of Inauguration, Shri Vijay Chaudhary asked the concerned departments and civil society organisations to identify the basic requirements of children and prepare a comprehensive plan for safeguarding their rights. He further said, �In several cases, the protectors of children’s right become their predators for serving their own vested interest. Intellectuals must remain vigilant against people or organizations playing with the lives of the innocent children.� Keeping in line with what Shri Vijay Chaudhary said, CRC is a research centre striving for identification of child right issues and development of comprehensive child right laws. In a time when the state has been shaken by the developments of the Muzaffarpur Shelter home case, it is felt that there is need of more vigilance to protect the cause of the children. The centre will act as a protector of the constitutional rights of the children. The centre is determined to engage with child rights from multidisciplinary perspective and to provide integrated technical support to different layers of institutional governance at local, state and national level for protection of child rights.


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