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Chanakya Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution

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About Us

The Chanakya Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CCADR) has been established at Chanakya National Law University, Patna, in the year 2021, with the objective to promote academic research on themes pertaining to the resolution of disputes.

With the establishment of this research centre, we aim to develop a congenial environment for students and researchers to further their interest in ADR, which enables skill development and helps us compete at the national and international levels. CCADR will strive to promote different dispute resolution methods, involve in the policy framework related to ADR, and encourage law students to take up activities in the field of ADR by conducting competitions, workshops, and encouraging research.

We strive to collaborate with governmental authorities as well as both national (NLUs) and international universities, colleges, and centres to encourage research and innovation in the field of ADR. In the future, CCADR will conduct certification, online training, diploma/degree programs, and specialized courses in the field of ADR.


Functions of the Centre

  • To promote a general culture of research and discussion of ADR in the University.
  • To run a Bi-annual peer-reviewed Journal on ADR, which would cater as a common platform to publish research work undertaken by students, academicians, professionals from within and outside University.
  • To provide an online platform for publishing regular updates in the field of ADR weekly, short submissions, research material, case comments, and policy analysis in the field of ADR.
  • To bridge the gap between University and Industry by organizing seminars, conferences, round table discussions, conclaves, guest lectures, and webinars by industry experts.
  • To conduct workshops and non-credit practical courses to impart practical and technical knowledge of the industry to University’s students.
  • To establish and organize Certificate Courses in ADR for students, academicians, young professionals from within and outside University.
  • To conduct competitions at the national and International levels in ADR.



Date : 21/09/2023

  • The Chanakya Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CCADR) is inviting well-researched submissions for its blog. Submit your manuscript by 30th September 2023. Download brochure

Date : 18/09/2023

Date : 31/07/2023

Date : 10/07/2023

Date : 12/01/2023

Date : 14/10/2022

Date : 11/10/2022

Guest Lecture on “Arbitration: Emerging Trends for Dispute Resolution” on 14th October 2022 by Mr. Bheem Singh, Deputy Manager (Law) in the Arbitration Cell of POWERGRID

Date : 07/09/2022

The Chanakya Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CCADR) CNLU is inviting well-researched submissions for its blog by way of a Call for Blogs. | Submit by 30th September, 2022.

Date : 24/08/2022

Guest Lecture on “Delay Claims in Construction Arbitration:  Practitioner’s Insight on Case Planning and Strategy” by Prakhar Deep, Principal Associate & Adya Joshi, Associate at Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co. [26th August, 03:00 PM-04:00 PM]

Date : 10/08/2022

Date : 30/07/2022

Date : 08/02/2022

Guest Lecture on “Arbitration: Current Penumbra & Future Opportunities” by Ms. Gunjan Chhabra, Partner at Adwitya Legal LLP [12th February, 03:00 PM-04:00 PM]

Date : 29/01/2022

Guest lecture on “Pre-Arbitration Procedures: Roadblocks to Resolution” by Mani Gupta, Partner – Sarthak Advocates & Solicitors,to be held on Jan 30, at 3 PM

Date : 22/01/2022

Date : 21/01/2022

This is in furtherance to the notice dated- 29/11/2021 regarding the constitution of the Editorial Board for the Academic Year 2021-22.It is to bring to kind attention to all the students from 2nd Year to 5h Year that the Centre is Calling for Applications for the post of Student Editors. Those who had already applied need not apply again. The rest of the information remains same.


Date : 30/11/2021

The CCADR CNLU is inviting you to a guest lecture on “Section 34: An Appeal in Disguise” on the 04th of December, 04:00 PM to 05:30 PM.

Date : 29/11/2021

Date : 11/09/2021



Members of the Centre for the Academic Year 2023-24


  1. Hrishikesh Manu, Faculty Coordinator
  2. Kumar Gaurav, Member
  3. Sushmita Singh, Member



BATCH 2019-24

2115    Ayush Kumar (Convener)

2101    Aanchal Srivastava

2106    Akshita Thapa

2109    Alpesh Kumar

2117   Dakshita Dubey (Event Convener)

2155    Saurav Kumar

2156    Shubh Gautam

2263    Udi Prakash

BATCH 2020-25

2422    Priyanshi Jain (Co-convener)

2352    Rishika Sharma (Co-convener)

2315    Anubhav

2410    Astha Prakhar

2324    Digvijay Patel

2429    Saatvika Singh

2361    Shruti

2370    Suprit Raj

BATCH 2021-26

2504    Aditya Raj

2508    Akanksha

2517    Anushka Rashmi

2520    Ayush Bijalwan

2521    Bhola Shankar

2616    Devansh Goyal

2535    Mahi Singh

2537    Mayank Raj

2565    Satyanshu Kumari

BATCH 2022-27

2716    Ankita Kumari

2719    Arpita Chaudhary

2725    Ayush Kumar Gupta

2726    Ayushee Sinha

2731    Harshika Bhushan

2833    Ritika Ghosh

2777    Tanya Raj




Upcoming/ Ongoing Events

No events to show.

Past Events

Date : 13/09/2023

  • On the 22nd of July 2023, Chanakya Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution organised an introduction cum orientation programme for the newly on-campus students of the first year (batch of 2028). View Event Report.


Date : 16/02/2023

  • The Chanakya Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution, CNLU, Patna, organized its 1st National Mediation Competition in a hybrid manner, with Preliminary and Quarter-final Rounds held virtually on 21st – 22nd January 2023 and Semi-Final and Final Rounds held physically at the CNLU Campus on 11th February 2023. View Press Release.


Date : 18/01/2023

  • CCADR conducted a guest lecture on “The Nuances of Neutrality: Exploring the Mediator Mindset” on 13th January, 2023, by Ms Carishma Singh, Assistant Professor of Law. Click to view.

Date : 21/12/2022

Guest Lecture on “Mandating Mediation in the Administration of Justice” on 23rd December, 2022 byMr. Sameer Shah, Director, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (India).

Date : 23/11/2022
Date : 29/08/2022


Date : 22/02/2022


Date : 03/02/2022


Date : 14/12/2021


Date : 14/11/2021

  • CCADR conducted a Guest Lecture on Judicial Intervention An Aid Or Barrier To Arbitration In India.


Date : 12/09/2021

Contact Details

Contact Details

  • Mr. Hrishikesh Manu
    Assistant Professor of Law,
    Faculty Coordinator, CCADR,
  • Mr. Ayush Kumar
    5th Year, Convener,
  • Ms. Priyanshi Jain
    4th Year, Co-convener
  • Ms. Rishika Sharma
    4th Year, Co-convener

Please visit the centre’s website & blog here.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

Editorial Board for the Academic Year 2023-24

BATCH 2019-24

2230       Kushagra Kundan

2236       Nidhi Prakriti

2247       Priyansh Priyadarshi

2141        Raju Kumar

BATCH 2020-25

2401       Aamna Munaima

2306      Aditi Tripathi

2307      Aisha Singh

2310      Amisha Singh

2329     Kajal Sah

2432     Shivendra Nath Mishra

BATCH 2021-26

2610     Arya Gupta

2635     Shivam Madhur

2569     Shrey Bhatnagar

2636     Shubham Sharma

2584     Yash Singh

2585     Yashila Bansal

BATCH 2022-27

2710     Akshat Anunay

2713     Amit Kumar

2720    Aryan Raj

2738    Kahuwa Sarma

2771     Siddhi Rupa

2775    Surjani Paul