Center for Innovation Research and Facilitation in Intellectual Property for Humanity and Development (CIRF in IPHD)

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Innovation is an imaginative initiative to resolve socio-economic –cultural –scientific-technological problems of everyday life .Where ever we are, innovation is required for advancement-progress-prosperity. Innovation motivates for research – searching the solution to a problem. The intellectual property is a creation of mind .It is in the form of copyright, patents, Trademarks, design, integrated circuit lay out design, trade secret, and geographical indications, bio-technological inventions, traditional knowledge, inventions related to plant varieties, farmers’ and plant breeders rights. Every types of intellectual creation is socio-economic oriented. But there is requirement of protection to the creators for their economic and moral rights involved in it. At the same time the dissemination of intellectual property knowledge among the society is essential .The industry also requires connection and involvement.

The IPR is a subject interconnected with almost all walks of human life today. The requirements of innovation in MSME cannot be denied which furthers employment in organised as well as unorganised sector. Likewise the sports sector is closely connected with intellectual properties: patents, copyrights, design, trademarks, and traditional knowledge, etc. The tourism has become a mega source of commerce and employment, where in the innovation is every time a challenge. The National policy on IPR deals with the creation of Human capital with the same spirit that Human Rights tries to protect the Humanity.

Hence, the Chanakya National Law University aims to encourage research and innovation in IP and interconnected areas, i.e. Entrepreneurship, Sports, Tourism and Human Rights, through this centre.The centre will strive for the cause of economic development of the people of Bihar in particular and all the persons /innovators in general in IP and inter-connected areas –entrepreneurship, sports, tourism and ultimately Human development by protecting Human Rights.